Standard Project Workflow

Creation of architectural visuals – from basic idea to photo real impression.


1 – The Brief
2 – Clay Preview – If necessary
3 – Fully textured ‘Pre-final’ render delivery – 1V
4 – Amends on ‘Pre-final’ render – 2V
*** Additional rounds of amends
5 – Final UHD Render delivery

1 - The Brief

Compiling a full brief is the first stage of any project. The more detailed and concise brief is the less is the chance of unnecessary steps in the process of creating the visual. DWG drawings are preferred, but it’s possible, and sometimes the only options, to work from hand sketches, PDFs, Sketchup models or any other type of input client has. Please keep in mind that making a 3D model from hand sketch takes more time than creating the same model from DWG drawings. After reviewing the brief, we will come back with  comments and questions before the production starts.

2 - First Preview

Depending on the size of the space, the first “massing” or “clay” preview will be ready in 2-3 business days. Clay render is the first preview of the space and a chance for a client to make changes early in production. This preview is not always necessary, if space design is final and brief clear, we would proceed to lighting and texturing, skipping the ‘clay’ preview.

3 - First Review

Just like the brief, detailed and concise review notes and inputs are very important. Amends can be written by hand or compiled in any image manipulation software. Adding material samples, details and furniture references along with written notes are the best way to mitigate possible questions and/or confusion, thus reducing production time. With all amends done, we will deliver ‘pre-final’ render, with lighting, atmosphere and textures/materials. If the ‘clay’ stage was necessary, this round of amends is free. This is the first official version of the render – 1V.

4 - Second Review

This is the second round of amends on ‘pre-final’ fully textured render. Anything from minor color/material to structural changes. Once ready, we will deliver the second version of the render – 2V. This round of amends is also included in the original project quote.

Any amends done from this point are charged per hour. A client can continue with as many rounds of changes as necessary.

5 - Final Delivery

If there are no more amends after step 4, we would proceed with the rendering of the final, high resolution render. A standard size for final delivery is 4000px in width, including render elements for further post production if needed, color mask, alpha channel, reflections… Corrections on final delivered render,  are also possible and charged per hour.

Should you still have questions or need more info on anything, please do not hesitate to let us know!

Thank you!